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MoonSprings began as our retirement dream. Our quest to escape the bustle of Dallas, Texas, and find a retreat for our family led us to California.  The Central Coast captured us first with its unique beauty, and when we saw the magical Martin Farm in Templeton, we knew it was meant to become our family’s future. We purchased the 515-acre farm under the name Moondance Partners LP, a tribute to our favorite Van Morrison song.

The more time we spent in Paso Robles, the more our vision for a California respite grew to incorporate our love for wine.  As winemakers expressed interest in our unique site, the idea of building a world-class vineyard was born. Our professional lives may have been spent in Dallas, but our roots are rural, and farming is latent in our DNA. Combining our appreciation for the land, our family, wine, and our new community is our inspiration for MoonSprings Vineyard®.

Moonsprings Vineyard moon graphic

We have frequently been asked about our charming MoonSprings logo. The logo was designed by William Joyce, Oscar and Emmy winning filmmaker and the author/illustrator of many popular children’s books – and our long-time friend.  MoonSprings’ benevolent moon rising out of the water is a variation on the moon that looks down over the garden in Bill’s best-selling book: The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs. We are forever grateful to him for lending his talent to MoonSprings Vineyard®.

We grow the best grapes for the best winemakers – pure and simple. MoonSprings Vineyard® is a true collaboration using all the expertise Paso Robles has to offer, from the teams of professionals working on the project, to the hardworking folks in the vineyard, and to the winemakers who have lined up to purchase fruit from the unique terroir of our Templeton Gap AVA site (while also providing invaluable advice and input). The industry and its talented people are working alongside our family to develop this legacy.

Our passion for MoonSprings Vineyard® is also evident through the work of our children who are intimately involved in this family affair. Our eldest, O’Neal II, works in the financing and real estate sector both in the family’s Dallas operations and MoonSprings Vineyard®. Though busy with her own demanding position as Vice President – Strategy & Process Improvement at JPMorgan Chase, our daughter-in-law, Morgan, lends her business acumen to MoonSprings’ strategic planning. Middle child, Camille, a recent law school graduate, has been active on the marketing front, writing much of the copy you are reading on our website, when she is not studying for the California bar exam. Our youngest, Will, has been on the ground working at MoonSprings and other local vineyards for the past several summers, while pursuing degrees in Environmental Studies and Theatre at the University of Southern California.

In addition to family and friends, members of Paso Robles community have shared their knowledge, time, and friendship with us. The power of working together is reflected in MoonSprings Vineyard® - a place our family will call home. We cannot express our full appreciation to all our collaborators for their help and hospitality.

Lynn and O’Neal Gray